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The US bank account for anyone, anywhere
The bank accepts individual and business accounts without the need of American residency.
Open an account in under 10 mins, from over 180 countries. No need to be a US citizen or resident.

  1. Try the First US Bank designed for International Clients.
  2. Opportunity to get a bank account in a stable first-world country.
  3. Remote account opening without the need to have American residency.
  4. Private account ownership details protected by US Bank Secrecy Act.
  5. Pre-Launch reward program for influencers.

Bank on the go

Our iOS and Android apps makes it easy to hold, send and receive funds quickly and conveniently, no matter where you are in the world Online Banking for clarity Sometimes it’s just easier to see your finances on the big screen, so that’s what our Online Banking lets you do.

Personal account

US banking made easy: Take control of your finances and enjoy all the benefits of banking in the USA
Access all of your money, all of the time
We don’t lend, invest or trade your money, so it is always available when you need it
Low cost, high speed US payments: Pay bills, transfer money and trade quickly and cheaply with ACH payments
Make and receive payments in the US for far less compared to international alternatives
Funds arrive without any worries and much faster so both you and your payee can access them more quickly
Your personal and financial data remains safe at all times

Business account

Open up a new world of business
Open a US business bank account in under 20 minutes. No need to be a US citizen, resident or registered company

International transfers

International transfers? No problem!
Make and receive international payments with ease using the SWIFT network
Low-fee international transfers are simple to do online or from our app
Make and receive payments in over 40 currencies. Including EUR, GBP, USD
Payment tracking enables you to follow every step of the transfer from start to finish

There is a list of countries we can not serve:
Barundi, Belarus, Bosnia, Central African Republic Sudan, Cuba, Darfur, Democratic Country of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela. Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Bankkonto i USA ingår i Megakonto

Android och iOS standard, var i världen du än befinner dig så kan du sköta dina bankaffärer…

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